Tres Marias Trail Waterfalls

Tres Marias Adventure Series: Part 1: Tres Marias Courageous Exploit to Aeta Campsite Part 2: Courageous Exploit to Tres Marias Peak 3 Tres Marias trail is endowed with beautiful and pristine waterfalls no one can resists to indulge the beauty and refreshment it offers to one's eyes. From Aeta camp site, the trekkers descent going back... Continue Reading →


Courageous Exploit to Tres Marias Peak 3

To get most out of Tres Marias adventure, read the first part of the story "Tres Marias Courageous Exploit to Aeta Campsite". It was 5AM cold Sunday morning when we started preparing for another day of adventure - exploring Tres Marias Peak 3 summit. It is around 1300+ MASL and the Aeta campsite is at 900+ MASL.... Continue Reading →

Baking Session 101. Sans Rival Special

4/2/15 - 4/3/15. w/ Kath and Camia at Rey's residence. Sans Rival is a Filipino dessert cake made of layers of buttercream, meringue and chopped cashews. Meringue Cookies: Separate egg yolk from egg white. Measure 120g of egg white. Add cream of tar tar to egg white. Whisk it on mixer 'til the color turns... Continue Reading →

Gatsby Night with my Favorites

February 13, 2016. A night before the what we call "Valentines Day". It was a fun-filled night with the B1G Cebu annual Gala night "SAVE THE DATA" @ Mandarin Plaza hotel with the theme of "Gatsby". Ingrid, Ate inn and I were having our last minute shopping for our outfit on that night. And because... Continue Reading →

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